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Tickets For Airfare

tickets for airfare

  • (ticket) provide with a ticket for passage or admission; "Ticketed passengers can board now"

  • (ticket) a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment)

  • A piece of paper or small card that gives the holder a certain right, esp. to enter a place, travel by public transport, or participate in an event

  • A certificate or warrant, in particular

  • issue a ticket or a fine to as a penalty; "I was fined for parking on the wrong side of the street"; "Move your car or else you will be ticketed!"

  • A method of getting into or out of (a specified state or situation)

  • The price of a passenger ticket for travel by aircraft

  • the fare charged for traveling by airplane

  • (Airfares) An airliner is a large fixed-wing aircraft for transporting passengers and cargo. Such planes are owned by airlines.

  • A fare is the fee paid by a passenger allowing him or her to make use of a public transport system: rail, bus, taxi, etc. In the case of air transport, the term airfare is often used.

los angeles 2k

los angeles 2k

on the left side is a window into the dudley-do-right emporium & on the right the chateau marmont


these were taken about 10 years ago, i won a trip to LA to see the dandy warhols from capital records. they paid for airfare, hotel, tickets, backstage passes and some promo goodies.

my friend JD had just moved down earlier that summer & since seeing the dandy warhols was something i could do easily & frequently in seattle, i scalped the tickets & backstage passes and we hit the town instead.

so during the day when JD was at work, i just wandered up and down sunset blvd. & west hollywood taking it all in.

my last night there i seriously considered not going back to seattle & just staying in LA with what little i'd packed for the 3 days.

JD may not have appreciated me crash landing there at the time, but I was living out of my car in seattle back then & had nothing to go back to.

in hindsight, i fully regret not taking the leap.

as for the lomo, something happened during developing. walgreens had just opened & had a deal on developing, somehow half the roll came out correctly, the other half, not so much.

that said, i'm all for happy accidents.



See the 2010 St. Louis Cardinals baseball team during Spring Training. Included: 2 roundtrip airfares, 7 nights deluxe accommodations at the Embassy Suites Palm Beach Gardens, tickets for 5 games, motor coach transfers to the airport/hotel and hotel/games, daily “cooked to order” breakfast and an afternoon cocktail reception.

Pack your bags for Thursday, March 18 – March 25, 2010.

Donors: Board of Directors

tickets for airfare

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