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Last Minute Flight Australia

last minute flight australia

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Stan McCabe is applauded after his 232-Australia vs England 1st test Trentbridge 1938

Stan McCabe is applauded after his 232-Australia vs England 1st test Trentbridge 1938

England, in a match memorable for the setting-up of many new records including seven individual hundreds, put together the highest innings total ever hit against Australia. Not until half past three on the second day did Australia have an opportunity of batting and with 151 scored half their wickets had fallen. McCabe then played an innings the equal of which has probably never been seen in the history of Test cricket; for the best part of four hours he maintained a merciless punishment of the bowling. Although his phenomenal effort did not save his side from the indignity of having to follow in, it broke the control of the play which England had held from the outset and by concentrating upon defence in their second innings Australia saved the game.

In a magnificent contest of skill, the excellence of the wickets always counted heavily in favour of batsmen. first innings conferred upon England a very important advantage. Australia put their faith in spin bowlers, but hardly ever did a ball turn and the bowlers who had so confused county sides came in for harsh treatment. On the opening day Barnett shared with Hutton in a first-wicket partnership of 219 which surpassed the previous best against Australia in England by the Hon. F. S. Jackson and Tom Hayward, who made 185 for England's first wickets at the Oval in 1899. The full value of Barnett's dashing attack on Australia's bowling was probably not appreciated at the time. Besides easing the task of though batsmen who followed, it provided a heartening influence on the play of Hutton, whom together with Compton, had the distinction of hitting a century on a first appearance against Australia. For the first time in a Test match, four individual hundreds were registered in one innings for, following the success of Barnett, Hutton and Compton, Paynter made the highest score against Australia in England and also shared with Compton in a record fifth wickets partnership of 206. The previous best figure for this wickets was 192 by R. E. Foster and Braund (L. C.) at Sydney in 1903.

As the result of two hours' batting by Barnett and Hutton before lunch on Friday 169 runs were scored. The Gloucestershire man drove and cut in magnificent style and was particularly sever on Fleetwood-Smith. In view of the kind of innings he played, it was not surprising that he made false strokes; he was almost caught in the gulley when three, when 51 he hit a ball back hard towards Fleetwood-Smith and next over offered a difficult chance to Bradman, running from deep mid-off. The satisfaction of making a hundred before lunch-time was denied to Barnett, but off the first ball bowled after the interval he completed three-figures and altogether he made 126, batting nearly three hours and hitting eighteen 4's. Some of his drives off the back foot were splendidly executed. Hutton batting about half an hour longer and if, compared with Barnett, he looked slow, he was very sure of himself. An incident that occurred soon after the match began, when the ball rolled against the middle and leg stumps without displacing a bail, did not disturb him. He summed up the length of every delivery to a nicety, and three fieldsmen close to the bat did not have the least chance to snap up. Hutton placed his strokes particularly well and his hitting to the on-side and to leg and his late-cutting was admirably done. He hit fourteen 4's.

The next ball after the completion of his hundred ended Hutton's innings and then Australia made better progress; Edrich played on and Hammond, after a few forcing shots, was bowled neck and crop, but England finished the day with a score of 422 for four wickets, the last hour and a half producing 141 runs from Paynter and Compton. Some fine running between wickets featured this stand. Compton's stylish and confident play crated a big impression and Paynter by quick footwork mastered the spin bowling.

When on Saturday, Compton was fifth out, England had 487 runs on the board. In a stand with Paynter lasting two hours, twenty minutes Compton hit finely on the leg side, also excelling with the drive and square cut, and in scoring 102, including fifteen 4's, he batted without a mistake. Owing to the ball lodging in the wicket-keeper's pads. Paynter escaped being stumped when 88 and the one other opportunity Australia had of getting him our occurred with his score 163, Fleetwood-Smith at fine leg making a creditable but unavailing effort to hold a hard hit. Some good cover driving by Ames featured a sixth wickets stand of 90 and with Wright batting steadily after the eighth wickets fell, Paynter completed 200. when Hammond declared England's innings and Paynter left the crease about quarter-past three on Saturday, 30,000 spectators rose to their feet, cheering the Lancashire left-hander all the way to the pavilion. Just as the effort of Barnett was the foundation of England's batting triumph after an innings lasting ten minutes less than nine hours, so Paynter during fiv

Spiral Spotted above Brisbane, Australia - Like Norway Spiral

Spiral Spotted above Brisbane, Australia - Like Norway Spiral

I woke up this morning to silence, my phone seemed to have crapped itself and decided to show one bar of service, and pretend it was sending my messages, when in fact it needed a reboot then suddenly a rush of about 20 messages came in, most of them from various friends who, on reading my coverage of the Norway Sky Phenomenon, figured I'd like to know that a similar sighting has occured over my very own country. The byline is that it is again, a 'rocket' that has gone 'out of control', except instead of the Russian ICBM story that came with the Norway one, we've gotten a story about a 'private launch' from Cape Canaveral (in the US ffs) that claims origin of this spiral, even though the rocket in question was about an hour too early for it to be the thing we saw.

Most of you know I'm an ultra-skeptic, but credit where credit is due, this again has me confused terribly, the only other time I have been unable to provide immediately a good solid scientific explaination for something of this nature was the Norway spiral phenomenon in question. So, here's a picture of it as scene by people in Brisbane, along with the current news coverage of the phenomenon.

One last thing though; if some company or person launched something that travelled for an hour within our atmosphere and ended up 'out of control' over one of Australia's most populated cities, why isn't there an investigation or at least charges being laid? That's assuming that a privately launched rocket of unknown and undisclosed type or origin could maintain flight for over an hour; but let's face it, our government would spend a small fortune investigating an anonymous cock and balls scrawled on Parliament house in sharpie, why won't they even look into or address this?

Brisbane Sky Spiral

Geoffrey Whyatt from the Sydney Observatory says it was probably a satellite, space junk or a rocket.

"The fact that you've got the rotation, the spiral effect, is very reminiscent of the much widely reported sightings from Norway and Russia last year, which both turned out to be a Bulava missile which was being adjusted in its orbit," he said.

"So possibly a rocket, I would say, having some sort of gyroscopic stability rocket fired on its side."

Mr Whyatt says it is a rare phenomenon.

"The first I saw of the spirals was last year when they were reported in Norway and then a few days later in Russia," he said.

"The Norway one was very spectacular because of its symmetrical appearance.

"But the one this morning and the one in Russia bear a striking similarity of being the same effects from a rocket trying to be controlled or adjusted."

A privately-owned rocket launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on its first test flight is believed to be responsible.

But Doug Moffett from UFO Research NSW says he has a few problems with this theory.

"Firstly, the time of the launch was 18.45 GMT, which translates to 4.45am EST, the duration of the flight was 9 minutes 38 seconds - this is a full hour before the reported sightings," he said.

"Secondly, where was the glow from the boosters or from the friction created by the craft moving through the atmosphere, where was the tail of the rocket?

"Thirdly, why would anyone launch a rocket on a maiden test flight with a trajectory that would take it over the most heavily populated parts of Australia?

"And how big must this rocket have been to be seen so clearly, at the same time, over such a vast distance?"
'Like a bright star'

Canberra resident James Butcher says he was driving home from a night out with his brother when they spotted the "strange spiral light in the sky".

"It had a distinct bright centre, much like a bright star, indicating an object shedding light trails, spiralling and fattening out from it," he said.

"The effect lasted only two or three minutes, moving and descending quickly out of view.

"The colour was yellowish but this may have been blurred and tinted by the morning fog."

Wollongong man Eddie Wise says he also saw the light during his morning walk just before 6:00am.

He says he has never seen anything like it.

"It was like a yellowish, greenish light with a light spiral around it," he said.

"It sort of moved around, bobbed up and down and then it went behind a cloud.

"I'm just amazed. I want to know what it was."

A caller to the ABC, Robyn, says she saw the phenomenon from her home on Sydney's north shore just before 6:00am.

She says it was over within two minutes.

"There was this white light up in the sky like a huge revolving moon," Robyn said.

"At first I thought it was the moon but it was travelling so fast, high up above the eastern horizon and twirling as it went.

"It was just amazing and to be quite frank, I was quite frightened and my heart's still pounding."
'Lollipop-type swirl'

A number of people from Morayfield and

last minute flight australia

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